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Why are friends always thinking I would be happier if I was married? Recently at a coffee gathering with my local CCC ladies, who are wonderful women, and all widows, talked about finding a husband because they are lonely? Although I was sympathetic for them, I said that marriage (which would be a second time) was not for me, and to put it shortly, I think I came across as...odd.

See? I was married once...ages ago, and let's be honest. I wasn't good at it. Now I live alone, however, most assuredly, I am not lonely. I like my own company. I have constant interests that dance for my attention being the creative, intelligent, humorous, and unusual soul that I am. I have rather stimulating conversations with myself and probably have solved most of life's riddles on my own simply by being engaged in enjoying...well? Me.

I know true to my heart that I have a destiny that pushes me on. First as a flicker and then when I am ready, it will become a full blown flame. As a health coach, teacher, parent, and writer, I am here to help people see there is greatness in being you...enjoying your company.

Perhaps in my next life I will meet a handsome fella and we will live a long and beautiful life together (as long as I am granted my space on occasion)? But in this life, I walk my own path with some days being effortless and some a battle...such is a journey to our true selfs. For now though, this is my life as wild and precious as it is, my life.

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I long to walk into a church when it is silent, when no one is there, to visit GOD, and ask "how was your day ?" mine sucked yesterday and we have a conversation .

It was 1998, I was in New York visiting my daughter who lived there at the time. We walked into St Patrick's Cathedral , the beautiful silence; I looked up at the stunning stained glass windows , so loving etched and cut by the masters. The afternoon sun rays bursting through the glass, making the brilliant colors , orange, red. gold, dance across the vast ceiling. Images of hills, valleys, angels , seem to move with the prism of colors . I sat there for a long time, knowing I was in the presence of GOD.

Here the church doors are locked. I'm only allowed in when the doors are unlocked, and the silence is broken by chatter and noise; it's not me.

When I feel lost, I sit in nature, close my eyes and I am back there in St Patricks Cathedral, suspended in time, if only for a moment.

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When you say, "I FEEL that I can be more than I am - BUT I KNOW THAT I WON"T," is an instruction to your mind to create negative conditions and your desires and dreams go up in smoke.


PROJECT such intense PERSONAL STRENGTH , that you attract to YOU ONLY THOSE THAT ARE IN UNISON WITH ALL GOOD, ALL JOY, and are willing to share with you their DREAMS and you create your own CIRCLE OF POWER.

CULTIVATE the IDEA that all is possible and then see yourself TRIUMPHANT1

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