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Cozy Winter
about me

My Story

I'm a Free Spirit. What can I say?  I  have chosen the road less traveled and most often, more interesting. An adventurer at heart, these 70..ahem...something legs, just seem to continue to put one before the other and before I know it, I do things like move to Idaho, or hike Bell's Path in Sedona, Arizona. 


I left city lights for mountain starry nights where by day my hands are are harvesting the garden or doing a dinner prep waltz, and by night, they're holding a divine glass of wine as I watch the deer from  the front porch. (Okay. Maybe I settle in with my little rescue Chihuahua and see what's good on Netflix, most evenings, too.)


Join me as I fix up my little house on a hill, cook for family, and write a book of short stories. Honestly, with me, there just really isn't a dull moment, you know?



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