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Soulful Sedona

I am here in Sedona, Arizona for a week with my kids and youngest grandkiddo. This beautiful gem right here in the middle of the desert. It is peaceful here and has a vibrant energy that seems to cloak me in comfort saying, "It's okay to slow down. Take a breath." It reminds me of SPIRITUAL REST.

Why is SPIRITUAL REST good for our soul?

SPIRITUAL REST is SOUL CARE. SOUL CARE is different from SELF-CARE, although they overlap. SELF-CARE...getting rest, eating right-exercise is good for mind, body and spirit. It's all connected.

SOUL CARE is taking the time to 'Go Within' -stress/worry...we can become spiritually exhausted. SOUL CARE is taking the time to see the beauty around us. Taking the time to be still.

SOUL CARE restores our spirit. When we do SOUL CARE, we find a renewed energy that propels us to face undaunted to life's challenges.

Being here in stunning Sedona, bathed in restoring this potent energy renewal..has reminded me of this...of the importance and sheer health-value of SOUL CARE.

Of course, I am also reminded that you don't have to travel to far off places to find spiritual rest. You can practice SOUL CARE wherever life finds you.

I must remember this. Remember to breathe. Remember to take in the details. Remember to step out into the sun and let it bathe my face if only for a moment. Remember to take a break and just be. Make it a practice to treat your soul with kindness. Find that balance of SOUL CARE and SELF-CARE.

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