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Christmas is over. A New Year has announced its arrival. I find myself reflecting on this past year. I know I should not dwell on regrets and what I should have done. All that does is cause sadness in my heart.

I choose instead to look at the arrival of the New Year as another chance to start again. To think of new adventures. Explore new and creative ideas on how to reach more people for my health business.

This past year of disappointments faded with the gleeful sounds of presents being unwrapped, and looking out the windows to feast upon the neighborhood glittering with Christmas lights.

My teacher and mentor passed this year. She helped me blaze my trail. She gave me the torch light to blaze my path. Now I continue to walk my path with a full and grateful heart knowing her spirit and teachings are with me.

A New Year is a gift to be unwrapped and rejoice in all the possibilities to come.

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