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Would I Be Happier?

Why are friends always thinking I would be happier if I was married? Recently at a coffee gathering with my local CCC ladies, who are wonderful women, and all widows, talked about finding a husband because they are lonely? Although I was sympathetic for them, I said that marriage (which would be a second time) was not for me, and to put it shortly, I think I came across as...odd.

See? I was married once...ages ago, and let's be honest. I wasn't good at it. Now I live alone, however, most assuredly, I am not lonely. I like my own company. I have constant interests that dance for my attention being the creative, intelligent, humorous, and unusual soul that I am. I have rather stimulating conversations with myself and probably have solved most of life's riddles on my own simply by being engaged in enjoying...well? Me.

I know true to my heart that I have a destiny that pushes me on. First as a flicker and then when I am ready, it will become a full blown flame. As a health coach, teacher, parent, and writer, I am here to help people see there is greatness in being you...enjoying your company.

Perhaps in my next life I will meet a handsome fella and we will live a long and beautiful life together (as long as I am granted my space on occasion)? But in this life, I walk my own path with some days being effortless and some a battle...such is a journey to our true selfs. For now though, this is my life as wild and precious as it is, my life.

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