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You can't stop time, its like a train speeding down the track, and I'm peering through the window trying to see everything in the blur that wizzes by.

I wish I had gone on some trips earlier in my life. My son just walked the CAMINO SANTIAGO in Spain. This is something I wish I had done; alas that is too much walking for me now.

I wish I had walked the magnificent paths in Peru.

My heart feels the pain of regret.

I stop "what am I doing," is my life worthy of only these pursuits ?

Is there not wonder in other places?

These regrets are cluttering my mind and not leaving space to find the magic that exists everywhere . The clutter casts a shadow on my heart .

I'm looking at the image on my computer of the ship LINDBLAD.

Next spring my son and my sister are going on that ship to ALASKA.

I am so excited !

There are destinations out there waiting for us to explore.

Even destinations close to home that we have never explored.

Maybe I can't walk the long trek on the CAMINO SANTIAGO, but I can get into a small boat and go out on the water and see whales !

UNCLUTTER Your Mind Of Regrets, and open your heart to wonders waiting just for you, however small or big!

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