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As a Health Coach, when I start to work with someone, to heal themselves, they at first are just interested in their image, lose weight, look better, done. They as yet don't know the journey that awaits them . I teach when we embrace the over all WELL BEING , the invisible magic happens.

With change comes growth, not just changing the body, but letting the fear, the perceptions of yourself change.

I worked with someone who wanted to lose hundred pounds for her health. She went to her job, and then home; she hid, not liking herself and thinking no one else liked her either.

I said to her , "happiness and joy is living the WELL BEING COLLECTIVE." I told her she had to embrace community. She had to join a group of some kind , and walk in nature. She also had to do something silly and fun, once a week just for her. Well she didn't like it, and let me know.

She began to walk the path, new friends were formed, small hikes in nature. She started running and dreamed if she could run a marathon one day. Hope started to fill her heart. The butterfly began to emerge. She was seeing it was okay to be vulnerable, let go and let the "invisible Magic" happen.

The year before last she ran her first marathon. She stayed home last year during the pandemic, and is now training again for her next marathon. She has met a lovely nice man.

Through big dreams , or small wins, live with Integrity , Empowerment , Community (find your tribe,) embrace the wonder of nature. Walk your path to a Purpose waiting for you, and your Invisible Magic will find you.

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It was many years ago, and I still remember it so clearly.

My husband Mike who was my husband then, and I went on my father in laws boat. We were sailing around the South Catalina Island, one of California's Channel Islands.

We anchored, the boat, to enjoy lunch and then Mike and I took our kayaks out on the water. We kayaked quite far out, and we saw seals laying on the rocks sleeping in the hot sun.

We kayaked over and saw a cave , we knew it was a seal cave. Curious we kayaked over to the opening; Mike started to kayak though the opening , feeling apprehensive, I said, "I don't think we should be going in there.

He went in, I followed , we paddled very quietly , so as to not make any startled sounds . The air was cold and damp, and smelled of rot and decay, it smelled of death. There were hundreds of seals. I looked all around , and I saw, there were seals very old, their skin peeling off, gray whiskers, laying on the ledges of the cave moaning. I whispered to mike, "lets get out of here." We very carefully turned our kayaks around , ( I didn’t want to flip over in a seal cave!). As we paddled out I saw young seals diving up out of the water and throwing fish on the ledge to the older seals . All around splashing and bobbing , the younger seals feeding the older seals. My heart was filled with compassion and the beauty of what I saw. I felt like an invader, trespassing into their sanctuary .

Humanity can always learn from animals . We owe a debt to the old, who gave and gave. Who loved us and said " do something that makes you happy." Experience teaches us lessons . I learned a lesson that day. I can still close my eyes and hear the barking of the seals across the wide blue water.

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The busyness of the Ordinary, chores, jobs, endless responsibilities can rob us of seeing the Extraordinary, that magical realm, we so fear to tread.

Set your intentions high, so you have to climb harder, higher and higher to get there - through the hurdles of challenges, as you trek on your journey, you will see the Extraordinary. The world around you becomes brighter, full of promise; the small things you ignored before, looms in front of you, in all their spectacles of light. A spring flower is showing off her beautiful color, and as you walk past, she says, "I am pretty, tell me I am pretty," and so you bend down and say, "yes little flower you are so pretty." And it is there, you feel in your heart in your soul, the Extraordinary is all around you.


The everyday ordinary won't drown me in the waters of Despair!


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