Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Hello! Hi! How are you? Remember all of those firsts you have in life? Well, this is one of my firsts. Woohoo! My first ever, ever, blog post! How I have wanted to take this journey for many years! The calling! Oh, the calling! I have been called to marry words atogether that have been dancing in my heart and soul for positively ages now. What will come this? I don't know? I just know that I need to do this. I need to write. I need to coach. And! I need to teach, it's who I discovered I am.

When I moved here, to my little neck of the woods in Idaho, my life began to blossom. I opened my heart and listened. I went to a four-year spiritual school and became a spiritual coach. Kind of like a life coach, but with less structure and more color....more light. With all of that color and light, I discovered a passion to teach, a desire to listen and learn and most surprisingly, a fervent desire to write. So what then? I enrolled in a writing program, of course. How I have been challenged to tears and laughter and sighs of pure sense of accomplishment with this writing education I have chosen to dive into! Trust me! My kids of three have heard a plenty over possibly a few glasses of wine, of how new and exciting and frustrating this writing has been. Here's the thing though. Once I start something, I have to finish it, no matter what the cost of time and endless test of patience. I've already got the white hair! Hahaha.

Since I believe in being alive with well being and since I am not busy enough, I am a health coach teaching balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Here's to looking ahead! I look forward to sharing more and connecting with the world out there who have been brave and wonderful to have read this, my first blog post. This is my invitation to you. I look forward to getting to know you.



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