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When we listen to the whispers and something stirs our heart, we can't go back to the comfort of ignorance, it's too late; the imagination has been awakened from its long sleep.

You start to see possibilities , a vision of something wonderful appears before you. You see your world is going to change. You are on the path looking ahead, it seems foggy, silent, and frightening; but you have no fear, the songbirds are singing a song of delight to comfort you, and it makes you smile.

You are a pilgrim on a journey of new discoveries. The imagination is an enchantment, showing you what you could be and meant to be. The Ego crumbles to dust, and you embrace humbleness, that opens the door to all the wonders to come. You know GOD is with you, who has been waiting , and you feel a gentle push.

WALK and don't look back.

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